Monday, September 29, 2014

San Francisco

And so it seems that I have moved to San Francisco and said bye-bye to Asia living.  I do miss Singapore loads and loads but also really glad to be back state-side and enjoying Bay Area living.  Hope to update more frequently now that I'm here and have access to great produce and food! I remembered when I was sent to Singapore, I thought, it's just another place starting with the letter "S" - as I originally really wanted to go to SF.  I guess everything happens in due time.  Enjoy!

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Almost 365 Days in Singapore

Yes, you were right that one year in Singapore would go by lightning fast, and however fast that is - that is right.  I have spent a Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, and my Birthday in SG instead of home - just to give you a time perspective in case "lightning fast" was too abstract.

No, I didn't travel as much as everyone think I should and no, I also didn't go to all the places suggested since the first day I've arrived in Singapore... I've been to a few places while managing a full-time job at the office.  You know how it is, hustling ain't easy.  I sure hope to add more to that list in the next few months fo' sho'.

Maybe, I have learned to like SG a lot more than I thought I would... Maybe, I will go back home some day and by home, I just mean the US & A.  Whether it is Boston or some other major (I sure hope so) city will be up in the air for at least one more year.  I will keep you posted.

And like any other perfect pictorial blog... fewer words, more photos!!!

I went to Sri Lanka - this photo was taken in Wadduwa.

Attended a wedding (Batik style) in Jakarta.

Met up with my friend from Boston in the Maldives!

Traveled to Langkawi with one of my best friends... 

and while having lunch there on our first day, I met these two awesome Vietnamese waitresses.  We chatted and exchanged e-mail addresses.

Yes, we took some selfless.  Is that what you guys call 'em these days?

It sure has been a while but I burned incense at a temple in Melaka.  

Wait a minute, I also went to Miami and partied it up 80s style!

and enjoyed the Fountainbleau poolside.

And more importantly, I've also had a lot of fun in Singapore with friends, and family.  My parents came to visit in July and what a great visit that was... I am only waiting for the rest to come to Singapore.  COME SOON! 

You will see that I've grown up a lot in the past year... I've also changed a lot in the past year but still perfectly awesome.

Got my sailing license in Singapore.  I'm on a (small) boat! 

We threw an amazing July 4th BBQ bash complete with flags, flairs, and my lobsta' dress. 

Had champagne brunch with friends for "just because it's Sunday"... and also, for other occasions such as it is another Sunday. 

Kept up with culture at the Singapore Art Museum and tried to artsy photo-ed ourselves! 

Bonded with colleagues over boardgames and picnicking in the Botanical Garden. 

Attended a "designers" party albeit I'm far from being a designer.  

I guess you can say that I have had an eventful year Singapore.  I've had so many amazing conversations with some of the most random people, and some so not.  I've shared some very amazing moments with some of the most random people, and some not.  

I haven't cooked much this past year but that is slowly improving.  See, I didn't lie - I've changed a lot. To be fair, I still enjoy cooking just as much.  In due course my friends and will update more frequently.  

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


or Diwali also known as the festivals of lights and is an official holiday in Singapore.  we learned about the history and lit candles.  it was awesome.

me and Titi's girls

This photo is gorgeous! 

the Mom!

age of innocence

me showing the girls where i'm from and how far i traveled to come to singapore

my reading princess stories to these two princesses

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cycling in Singapore...

is not so fun only because the city dislikes bicycles.  my friend and i have found it incredibly difficult to find a place to lock our bikes and on top of that, everyone here tells us that our bikes will be stolen if we ever park it outside.  i got so scared that i ordered a kryptonite lock from the states that just arrived and weighs more than my bicycle.  fun stuff, seriously.  overall, it's still super cool (super) to ride around the city as an alternative mode of transportation - i mean, walking can only be so fun, right?!

i might not look like it in the photo below but i had a super crappy day from being yelled at by different people b/c of where i tried to parked my bike (chained to a pole on a sidewalk).  i almost thought they and i saw very different things, of course one of us was being delusional - what i saw was a compact bicycle and what they saw was an 18 wheeler trying to park in the middle of the road.  these days, if i'm lucky i can lock my bike up to a tree since i've yet to meet the tree's owner. 

in other news... life is good.  rami (owner of the white bicycle and college buddy from brandeis days, how random, right) and i will attempt at 6am ride around the city this weekend.  college 2.0. 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

College 2.0

I feel like I just moved onto campus and about to explore this new life that awaits me.  Only that it has been 10 years since I was a new freshman at Brandeis.  It's almost like I live in this bubble in the center of the world - and in it, contains everything I need in order to function (quite) well.

What's even better is that... I just bought this awesome bike below to ride around the city in style! It is indeed... college 2.0.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

First 30 days in Singapore

(doing what i do best... eating or squeezing lemons)

These past 30 days have proven both emotionally challenging and exciting beyond words.  I spent my first 3 or so days in tears and convinced I've made the wrong decision to leave Boston.  I spent the next 20 or so more days completely infatuated with Singapore - believing that I've made the best decision ever.  And... I spent the last few weeks missing home and everything associated with the U-S and A.

All the thoughts and feelings I have now are quite premature since giving this place a chance will take a lot more than 30 days.  For now, I'm happy I'm here, on many different levels, but there is this place deep inside of me that wishes I were still somewhere in the continental USA.

I guess I'd feel better if all of you start making plans to visit me.  So, feel the pressure and come to Asia.  Remember to holla' at your girl when you're here.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Moving to...


Yes, that's right.  I'm moving to the Lion City this fall.  For work.  Indefinitely.  I am still recovering from my ACL surgery - I am now more patient with myself than I have ever been, ever.  But from all that I've read and heard, it seems like I'll be doing little cooking in S'pore and a lot more fooding around town.  I hope to stay more updated and keep everyone posted.